To stay abreast of the current travel climate, I made the decision to travel when I can and I must say, the experience has been wonderful.

I traveled December 2nd – 9th to Sandals Royal Plantation with a group of eight family and friends.  We tested before we went, filled out our Travel Authorizations for Jamaica, traveled safely with our masks on the plane and it was so worth it!!

The staff at the resort, who we know from previous trips was so happy to see us and it felt like going home.  The people of the Caribbean thrive on tourism and by us traveling, we were helping them out as well as helping ourselves.

We truly relaxed on the beach and in the pool, had wonderful dinners together each night and enjoyed the nightly entertainment and just had a blast being together in a relaxed and tropical environment.

Our group cannot wait to go back to Sandals Royal Plantation in April for our trip that was moved from April ’20.

In January, my husband & I traveled to St. Lucia on a great nonstop flight from PHL.  In just 4 hours and 15 minutes we were in paradise.  They call St. Lucia the “Hawaii of the Caribbean” and I can’t say if that’s true since I haven’t been to Hawaii yet (I know, don’t judge) but I do know it is an amazing island.

Again, we tested before we went and filled out our travel authorizations, had our temperatures taken at the airport, sanitized our hands many times and were on our way to our first stop, Sandals Regency La Toc.  After an hour and 10 minute  scenic transfer, we arrived and were greeted by our friend and General Manager, Mr. G.  He was actually at one of my events a few years ago and he’s well known by guests who remember him for his amazing service and just being everywhere on the resort all the time!  The resort was beautiful and relaxing, it was only at 30% occupancy but all nine restaurants were open and the food and service was outstanding.  The staff was again so appreciative that we were traveling and thanked us for coming to their resort and we witnessed first hand the many protocols in place to keep us safe while traveling.  They are working so hard and it shows!!

We left Sandals La Toc after three nights and headed over to Sandals Grande St. Lucian to join a wedding group of 18 rooms and had the privilege of attending the wedding and all the festivities.  The resort is breathtaking with one of the most beautiful beaches that I have ever seen.  The view, while sunning on the beach, of the powdery white sand, blue water and green mountains  is one I never tired of and still remember vividly, especially since it’s freezing and snowy here in Delaware!

The wedding was so beautiful in the Over the Water Chapel and both families and friends had a blast.  The memories they made will last a life time as the pictures show!

If you’re ready to travel, I can help you thru every detail, if now is not the time, no worries, I and my Team are here for you!