With all that is going on right now with the weather and cancelled flights, I thought it would be beneficial to go over some insurance basics.

There are different types of insurance and the choices may vary based on the tour operator or cruise line:

Cancel For Any Reason Insurance – this is a great option and the beauty of it is you can cancel your trip and get the money you paid refunded back to your original form of payment with the exception of the cost of the insurance.  No claim form needed, no doctor’s notes, it can be a “bad hair day” (just kidding) but the fact is you can cancel for any reason up until time of departure. The cost is determined by the tour operator and is normally about $90 – $140 per person depending on the package, no change in amount for age of traveler.  This insurance must be taken and paid for at time of deposit.

Cruise Line Insurance – all of the cruise lines offer insurance and can vary by plan, the most important things to remember – most cruise line insurance will not cover what they don’t include, such as airfare that is not booked thru the cruise line.  The good thing is the price of the insurance is normally based on your cruise cost, not the traveler’s age so it’s the same no matter how old you are.  One important point is that the insurance is not in effect until it’s paid for, the cruise lines will show insurance on your confirmation as a line item but if it hasn’t been paid for (you specifically have to say you want your payment to include the  insurance), it’s not in effect until paid.  There are terms and conditions that have to be met to have your cruise insurance pay for cancellation penalties and a doctor’s note would be required in the case of illness.

Travel Guard – This is independent insurance we offer that can be used for any type of travel, it doesn’t matter how it’s booked, the price is based on the total cost of the trip and the traveler’s age when the policy is taken.  If booked within 14 days of your initial deposit date, pre-existing conditions are covered.  It’s always a good idea to take travel insurance with your deposit or at lease within 14 days so you’re covered.  It covers things out of your control such as medical and family emergencies as well as other reasons for cancellations out of your control.


Do we as agents take travel insurance?  Absolutely!!!  It’s peace of mind, just like car or homeowners insurance, you have it but never want to use it.

Is it refundable if you don’t use it?  Unfortunately “no”, it’s there in case you need it and you hope you don’t but again, it’s like other insurances you purchase for your home or vehicles

What’s the best insurance for my trip? Our team will go over options and help you decide the right insurance for you based on your needs and situations.  Any insurance is good insurance and if you don’t take our advice, a waiver will be provided to you.

How long do I have to take insurance? It’s best to take it with deposit but if you wait, you can take some type of insurance, two things to remember, it goes into effect 24 hours after you purchase it so “you can’t break your leg and then take insurance!” and if it’s more than 14 days after deposit, pre-existing conditions are not covered


The agents at Bethany Travel will assist you every step of the way with planning your vacation and that includes insurance and giving you the best options.  For specific details and coverages, we will provide you with the insurance company’s contact information so that you can work with them directly on questions, coverages and claims.